Professional Learning

Professional Learning at HKIS

HKIS ensures its teachers are at the forefront of the latest developments and best practices in curriculum, assessment and other relevant areas. We provide the best professional development opportunities to our staff allowing us to constantly strive to improve and find new and creative ways to engage our students. Examples of the opportunities provided to educators in support of schoolwide and individual improvement and growth include:

  • Access to world class educational experts such as Bambi Betts, Matthew Glover, Georgia Heard, Laura Lipton, Maggie Moon and Michael Thompson.
  • In-house lab sites.
  • Collaborative time for designated Professional Development days.
  • HKIS’s Learning Academy workshops where teachers and others share professional knowledge with colleagues.
  • Funds set aside for individual targeted professional growth aligned with schoolwide goals.

Conferences For All Educators

HKIS hosts a number of professional learning opportunities throughout the year that are open to teaching professionals locally and internationally. Join us at our world-class institution to learn best practices from experts around the world to enhance teaching at your local school.

For information or to sign up for Open Conferences, please contact

Open Conferences

Saturday, January 27 and Sunday, January 28, 2018

Workshop leaders: Matt Glover, Peter Johnston, Kathy Collins, Maggie Moon

Past Conferences