Strategic Plan 2013-2018

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Inspiring Learners for Life: Strategic Plan 2013-2018

HKIS’s Strategic Plan sets the priorities and identifies the strategies to best meet the educational needs of our students and successfully fulfill the school’s Mission and Vision.

Our current strategic plan was developed in concert with our Focus on Learning process for accreditation with the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) and with the active participation of over 300 members of the HKIS community. 


The purpose of this page is to celebrate our accomplishments and share next steps towards advancing our vision of “inspiring a socially engaged community of collaborative, creative and resilient learners”. The Strategic Plan comprises five areas of focus: Building Understanding, Awareness and Support; Strengthening Organisational Culture; Refining Curriculum and Assessment; Designing Systems for Success; and Leveraging Resources and Strategic Alliances.



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  1. In order to promote a learning environment in which creativity, collaboration and resilience are fostered, we have created criteria to guide our teaching and activities schoolwide.
  2. Parent and employee perception data was collected and analyzed to identify areas of satisfaction and areas for improvement.
  3. To foster greater alignment across the four divisions, we have reviewed and/or updated curriculum standards in all subjects, and articulated the knowledge and skills addressed at each grade.
  1. Based on current research, and in alignment with the HKIS assessment philosophy, the High School has articulated a plan to incorporate changes in assessment and grading practices.
  2. We successfully integrated the Lower Primary within the Middle School and Upper Primary communities.
  3. To more effectively maintain the HKIS alumni community, we fostered the development of alumni chapters in the US and Canada and continued to update the alumni database.