Guidance and Counseling Philosophy

Beliefs We believe that each student is a unique, developing, capable individual who will learn from their experiences and grow personally, socially, spiritually and academically throughout their lives.

Long-term Transfer Goals
As a result of engagement with the HKIS social-emotional curriculum and counseling services, students will:

  1. Understand the value of a growth mindset.
  2. Have an openness to seeking solutions.
  3. Show an awareness of the wide range of human emotions and the intersection of thoughts, feelings and behaviors.
  4. Be equipped with knowledge and an array of skills for self-management and positive self-regard.
  5. Demonstrate empathy toward others and compassion toward those in need.

Common Agreements
In the best interests of students, we believe that:

  1. All students have a right to quality guidance and school counseling services throughout their school years.
  2. The best outcomes happen when all members of the school community share in the nurturing of students’ social, emotional and spiritual well-being and their sense of connection within the school and the larger world community.
  3. School counseling is both preventative and remedial in fostering social-emotional, spiritual, academic and personal development in support of a balanced life.
  4. School counselors work collaboratively with faculty, administration, parents, students and the community to provide opportunities that will enable students to set goals, establish priorities, make informed decisions and evaluate results.