Social Studies Philosophy

We believe Social Studies engages learners in an authentic and powerful exploration of the human experience. We seek to empower students with the knowledge, skills and dispositions to understand and solve the challenges facing an interdependent world. Our commitment is to prepare students to become compassionate, enlightened, and effective citizens of their local and global communities, who understand their own humanity and that of others.

Long-term Transfer Goals
Students will independently use their learning in Social Studies to:

  1. Take compassionate action.
  2. Make educated and ethical decisions.
  3. Innovate, collaborate and contribute to a just and sustainable world.
  4. Think critically in complex situations.

Common Agreements
We agree that Social Studies education happens best when we provide opportunities for students to:

  1. Construct their own knowledge through inquiry.
  2. Demonstrate their learning in authentic ways.
  3. Integrate diverse perspectives and disciplines.
  4. Value the question as much as the answer, process as much as the product, connections as much as the content.