MS Open Fitness

These open fitness sessions are designed to further compliment the MS Athletics program by offering specific strength and conditioning sessions in addition to your scheduled team practices. The program will be delivered by Primal Strength and priority for sign-ups will be given to those sports currently 'in-season'.

This program will consist of upper and lower body strength and conditioning exercises designed to enhance sports performance and reduce the risk of injury. The sessions will mainly focus on: improvement of posture and strengthening of weaker areas of the bodythrough introduction of basic self-myofascial release techniques (using foam rollers), warm up routines, conditioning games and flexibility training.

We strongly encourage all MS Athletes to enroll for these sessions while in season as the techniques employed to improve posture and strengthening will have a lasting impact on a students' athletic performance.
Registration priority will be given to those athletes that are in season. Details will be sent along with acceptance notices to these athletes. Registration will be open to other MS athletes if space is available.

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