Run Club

This is a new program for this school year. We welcome runners of all abilities to join our weekly run club, so just show up at 3:20pm every Monday, run, and jump on 4:20pm bus home! A team will be entered into the HKSSF Cross Country Championships from this run club and so you will also get a chance to compete if you wish. However, if you just want to run on a Monday without competing, this is ok. This club will also lead into our MS Cross Country team which starts in November. No try out required for this Run Club!

We strongly encourage all MS Athletes to enrol for this run club while in season as the cardio will have a lasting impact on a students' athletic performance across all sports. The coach will communicate with students prior to training to arrange meet points.

We ask that students who are interested sign up through the link below -

Sign up - Please click here (All students must sign up)

Schedule - Please click here

The Run Club will start on Monday August 28th

To participate in MS Sports you must complete & submit this MS Athletics Permission Form