Club Sports

The Club Sports and Activities Office promotes both non-competitive and competitive sports, enabling students to pursue and develop fundamental skills across a wide variety of sports. Young athletes are offered a pathway from grass-roots participation to athletic excellence. By learning the fundamentals and developing a positive attitude through participation, individuals can have fun, learn and develop life skills and make new friends.

For the Lower and Upper Primary, HKIS offers a wide range of Club Sports after school and on the weekends through the Sports and Activities Office. In Middle and High School separate offices provide Activities and Athletics programs.

As students develop skills and transition to Middle and High School, students have the opportunity to participate and compete on behalf of HKIS through the School Athletics program.

The Sports and Athletics programs follow a Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD) model: The aim of which, is to promote appropriate literacy and all-round sports development for recreational or aspiring competitive athletes. In most cases early specialization should be avoided in favor of development of movement skills and general athleticism.

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*3 p.m. classes are only available to HKIS students.

If your child, for any reason, is unable to attend their scheduled class on a particular day but will attend school, you must contact both the activity provider and our office. We request at least 48 hours notice so that their name can be removed from the ASA list for that day. If you cannot provide 48 hours notice, you need to call our office on +852 3149-1745 / +852 3149-7837 / +852 6162-5393 to discuss in person.