Facilities Booking Policy

Our facilities are an important part of of the fabric of our school and programs. As demand continues to grow among faculty, staff and parents, these guidelines establish priorities for fair use across the HKIS community.

The Purpose of the Policy

  1. To promote a balanced allocation of the school’s facilities to our students, faculty, staff, and the wider community based on our mission.
  2. To establish clear priorities for the use of the school’s facilities.
  3. To ensure all events use the school’s resources efficiently.
  4. To coordinate resources to ensure their use is consistent with the school’s policy and to avoid scheduling conflicts.
  5. To implement a school-wide scheduling system that will:
    • Provide transparent communication about facility usage, availability, and scheduling deadlines.
    • Provide a transparent and effective mechanism to request facilities.
    • Ensure that annual events are given priority scheduling based on the priority groups, as listed in the Facility Policies and Procedures.
    • Ensure that all events sponsored by HKIS are reflected on the HKIS online booking system (VEMS).


  • Facilities – Defined as any common area space, such as classrooms, seminar rooms, cafeterias, gyms, etc.
  • Support - Defined as assistance beyond scheduling and providing access to a specific location.
  • Meetings, Bookings and Ad Hoc Rentals - Defined as a request for space that does not require support beyond scheduling the space and having the facility open at the scheduled time.
  • Events – Defined as a request for space that requires FMD, security, AV or tech support. Events must be sponsored by a department or division. Please note that all sponsors are responsible for arranging and requesting any support services from FMD, AV etc.
  • Sponsor – Defined as the department that is responsible for the event. If this event is coordinated by a third party, the sponsor will submit all work requests for FMD, liaise with security, AV or IT representatives to ensure the event runs smoothly.
  • Workshops and Conferences – Defined as a request for space that requires the scheduling of multiple rooms, including classrooms, auditorium, cafeterias.

Policy for Scheduling Facilities Outside of the School Day

HKIS facilities exist thanks to the support of the community throughout its history. The facilities are to be used fully and broadly in service to the School's community. The HKIS administration will develop and administer procedures and guidelines designed to optimize suitable use of all school facilities.

A. Decisions about facility use outside of the school day will be based on:

  • The benefit for HKIS students and their families using the school facilities for a particular activity.
  • How an activity fits with the school's Mission and the Student Learning Results.
  • The understanding that all scheduled school-run activities, programs and events will have first priority of facilities.

B. As an educational institution, HKIS will actively encourage dialogue and open inquiry. Accordingly, this policy provides the use of space for activities promoting interfaith religious dialogue, and for use of space by religious groups for educational purposes.

C. HKIS facilities must not be used for any activities that are considered by the HKIS administration as indecent, immoral or illegal.

D. HKIS reserves the right to refuse the use of any and all school facilities at the discretion of the administration.

Facility Scheduling Procedures for Priority Groups

In order to provide sufficient time for all internal user groups to book facilities online, each user group is assigned a priority status of 1 - 5. All assigned priorities have to request their required facilities within the allotted time. Once priority 1's scheduling time has lapsed, the facilities will be open to priority 2 users, then priority 3 and so on.

The higher priority users may continue to book calendar dates and venues once the system is opened to lower priority users. However, they may not override a booking from a lower priority user. Any request for changes will only be made if it is deemed possible by the HKIS Facilities Coordinator.

Bookings within priority groups will be prioritized on a first come first served basis and the priority rank will be enforced when two groups request the facilities at the same time. An exception to this procedure would be if two priority 2 events are scheduled on the same day in which case the respective principals and Associate Head of School would decide how to best accommodate the two activities. In the case of a group of higher priority later requesting the same facilities, the HKIS Facilities Coordinator will endeavor to reschedule where practical, but can't guarantee any changes.

Each HKIS division will receive the highest priorities with their own facilities and should book all relevant events and activities within the assigned time, allowing other priority groups to do the same.


Priority 1 events are those annual events as set out by the Associate Head of School. These events are included in the planning phase of the school calendars, allowing Priority 2 groups to work around these priority events. For example, R1 open houses, parent nights, assemblies, conferences, homecoming, athletic tournaments and school plays etc.

Priority 2 groups are school run activities, programs and events (shall be defined as all classes, clubs or events directly coordinated by a school division, both academic and non academic. For example; Outdoor Pursuits Club, Intramurals, Interim pool bookings, after school activities and HKIS Athletic team bookings.)

Priority 3a. Co-curricular Activities (shall be defined as any program/class run by or contracted through the Activities Office or Junior Athletics Office. For example; basketball, dance, scouts and rock climbing etc.)

Priority 3b. Partner Programs (shall be defined as programs that offer competitive sports opportunities to HKIS students and have a signed agreement with the Junior Athletics Office. This includes Stingrays swimming and Tai Tam Baseball Club.


Other school related groups (shall be defined as groups directly affiliated with the school. For example; CAN & PFO)


Priority 5a. Faculty/Staff Usage (shall be defined as HKIS faculty or staff personal bookings. All faculty, administrators and staff (residents or non-residents) will be charged at the published facility rental rates for the use of all indoor facilities (gyms, classrooms, BBT, Auditoriums etc.) & the field for personal (non-school) bookings. In most cases outdoor facilities (excluding the Field) will be available free of charge to all staff.) Please refer to the Facility Scheduling Policy for specific facility prerequisites.

5b. Alumni Usage (shall be defined as any event booked exclusively by alumni without direct involvement of the alumni office. Alumni private bookings will be charged at the published facility rental rates for the use of all facilities. Except those facility bookings managed and coordinated through the Alumni office)

5c. Pre-approved/long-standing rentals (shall be defined as groups that have a long-standing relationship with the school in regards to renting school facilities i.e. Adult Basketball rentals.

5d. Ad hoc rentals (Any group not meeting the criteria described above including non HKIS sponsored concerts, birthday parties, youth group activities etc. All ad hoc rentals will be charged for use of the facility per hour at standard rates)


The HKIS Facilities Scheduling Coordinator reserves the right to preempt a previously approved activity in order to accommodate the needs of a higher priority program as defined by these guidelines when required.

It should also be noted:

  1. Any HKIS team, club or other group of students making use of the school sporting facilities (including but not limited to, the gymnasiums, sports fields, studios, swimming pools, etc.) must:
    • Hold a confirmed booking through the facilities scheduling system.
    • Be under the direct supervision of the group's faculty advisor or assigned adult representative.
  2. That the use of facilities for Raffles or Games of Chance will be permitted only as part of the fundraising efforts of school related groups including student groups, the PFO and the Booster Club. All fundraising activities of this type must be pre-approved by the appropriate school administrator and must meet financial guidelines promulgated by the Department of Education.
  3. In the case that facilities are closed by Government Authorities or by School Administration for safety or other reasons. Bookings will automatically be cancelled and facilities will not be available to any member of the community, including staff.
  4. Faculty activities sponsored by the divisional Principal must be advertised to all members of staff and should not be exclusive group activities. For example, faculty basketball and faculty sports night to help promote inclusion and well-being.
  5. HKIS parents, faculty or staff wishing to request for partial event sponsorship (facility rental) or full event sponsorship (facility rental, security, overtime FMD, AV costs etc), are required to contact the HKIS Facilities Coordinator to ensure the required date and time do not conflict with internal events or bookings. After the HKIS Facilities Coordinator has liaised with all relevant divisions to access final costs and support required, a breakdown will be submitted to the HOS for final approval. Full/partial sponsorship is not guaranteed and decisions expressed by the HKIS Facilities Coordinator reflect that of the school.

The facilities listed below are considered 'Shared Spaces' and should be booked on VEMS during school hours as well as after school hours. The requester who has made the booking MUST have received a booking confirmation from booking@hkis.edu.hk following their booking request BEFORE publishing their event.

High School
  • HS Gym
  • TT Field
  • TT Pool
  • HS Cafeteria & Function Room
  • HS Room 504
  • HS Library Room 405H
  • HS Library Room 405L
  • HS PE Conference Room S503A
  • HS Auditorium
    Middle School
    • MS 402F Conference Room
    • MS 411 Black Box Theatre
    • MS Gym
    • MS Tennis Courts

    Please note that should the event require set up and take down, this time MUST be included within the total booking time, i.e. the event is from 10am to 12pm, however, it would require 1 hour to set up and 1 hour to take down, therefore your booking made on VEMS should be from 9am to 1pm.

    Once you receive your confirmation for an event that requires set up and take down, please liaise with the Facilities Management Department and confirm that the required set up and take down time is correct. If the timing is insufficient, the requester MUST contact booking@hkis.edu.hk to amend the booking to reflect the sufficient time required. Failure to do this could lead to clashes with parties booking the same venue.