A Welcome From Our Lower Primary Principal

Our Lower Primary School is home to children in Reception 1 (pre-kindergarten) through Grade 2 (4 - 7 years old).

At every stage we provide engaging experiences within a stimulating environment that taps into the natural curiosity that exists in young inquisitive minds. Children learn best in a ‘hands-on’ environment, where they are actively involved in exploring, experimenting and talking as they work and play at a variety of activities.

Emphasis is on literacy and math, and children learn about Christianity through Bible stories, chapels, songs and prayers. They also learn about other world religions by sharing holiday celebrations, visiting temples, shrines and mosques, hearing various guest speakers, studying religious and cultural books, as well as traditional artifacts.

Learning is a journey, not a race. We fully understand that different children have different learning styles, and develop at varying rates. Our program design ensures that each child develops concepts, skills, learning strategies and positive attitudes in intellectual, social, physical, and spiritual areas at their own pace as they progress through the grades.

To complement learning at this early stage of development, our program also allows time for using the playground and gym, as well as the comprehensive resources in our library.

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Lower Primary School

The development of the children's social emotional, cognitive, motor and oral language skills are crucial to building the foundation of learning. Play is as important as literacy in our school.Maya Nelson
Lower Primary Principal