Daily Operations

Daily Operations

Throughout the day, the Dismissal System and Activities email is monitored for 4pm dismissal request.  Emergency Requests are communicated directly to the Homeroom TA and the Activity provider in addition to being changed in the electronic system.

By 12:00 - the Homeroom TA’s will have printed off dismissal slips for each activity relevant to the children in their class.  These will explicitly state whether a child is to attend or not attend their afternoon activity for that day. 

For Lower Primary Students (G1-G2):

At 2:30pm - The activity providers will receive the up to date dismissal list from the Activity Office for their class for that afternoon

At 2:50pm - The activity provider will make their way to the communal area of the 5th and/or 6th floor too meet their students. A staff member from the activities office will also be present on each floor to help facilitate the transition.

The Homeroom TA’s will escort the students to the Communal area where they will hand the dismissal slip and students into the care of the provider.

At this stage the Provider will cross-reference the dismissal slip, current register and headcount. Any discrepancies are addressed with the TA and further raised with the Activities Office staff if needs be.

Once all expected students are present, the provider will head to their activity venue.

At 3:50 - The Activity provider will start to prepare for dismissal and will escort the students to the Pick-Up, Bus or 4pm ASA point  listed on the daily dismissal form.

Should the activity provider encounter any issues, late buses or pick-ups for example.  The Staff of the Activities Office are on hand to assist. If pickups are expected to be significantly late. The student(s) will be released to the care of the Activities office where they will be supervised until their carer arrives.

For Upper Primary Students (G3-5):

At 2:30pm - The TA will inform the children where they need to go based on the dismissal slip printed earlier in the day.  UP children will make their own way to where they need to be. The options will be: After School Care, Bus, 3pm Bus or 3pm Activity.

At 3:50pm - Children with a 4pm activity will be taken to the small pond by the LP side of the inter-campus bridge to meet their instructor.  Children being picked up will be taken to the area outside the CAN and bus riders will be taken to the busses.