FAQs - After School Care Program (Upper Primary)


FAQs (for parents)

Who is eligible to attend HKIS After School Care? Students who have a 4pm activity at the primary school but who are unable to get home and back before 4pm.

How do I register my child for After School Care? Once you have registered your child for a 4pm activity, you will receive an email, with a link to the After School Care registration form.

My child walks home from school. Can he or she join After School Care? Students who normally walk home should go home as usual and then return for their 4pm class.

My child has a 5pm class at HKIS Tai Tam. Can they join After School Care? After School Care is only for students who have 4pm classes at Repulse Bay campus. However, you may wish to request a 3:00pm bus change and have a parent or helper meet your child at the Tai Tam campus, where they can wait until their class starts.

Should I or my helper come and wait with my child until the 4pm activity starts? We provide adult supervision for all children attending After School Care, therefore you or your helper do not have to come to school until their 4pm activity finishes.

Will my child be able to have an afternoon snack before their class? Students can either bring a healthy snack with them that day, or they are able to go to the cafeteria after they have checked in with the Activities staff.

My child has a 3pm and a 4pm class. How will they get to their 4pm activity? The instructor of the 3pm activity will be able to direct the child to their 4pm activity.

What happens on wet weather or high AQI days? Students will stay inside.

Can I sign my child up for occasional sessions? Students must be registered for the entire term. In exceptional circumstances we may consider adding your child on a one-off basis, if you provide us with at least 2 days’ notice.

Do I need to contact the school if my child is not attending After School Care on a certain day? If your child is at school and will not attend their after school activities, please let us know at least two days in advance at activities@hkis.edu.hk


FAQs for teachers

Who can attend After School Care? Upper Primary students who have 4pm activities, but no 3pm activity, and who cannot get home and back before 4pm.

Where should students go at dismissal time? Currently, students should go straight to UPS Cafeteria to check in.

What should we do if a student is not on the After School Care list, but says they have a 4pm activity? Please contact the Activities Office before 2:40pm to check. After this time, please send them to their normal bus. Students must be registered to attend After School Care.

I am having problems printing the After School Care lists. Please contact Flossie Tsang at activities@hkis.edu.hk or call ext. number 5620 for assistance