Active Games

Active Games


ACTIVE GAMES or “A” Game is a new play based program designed to provide children with a stimulating environment and the tools to develop their own Physical Literacy. The games are based on "old school-yard games" and a variety of new modified games and fun challenges.

Children learn by doing and through active play. The program will carefully balance structured and unstructured games, individual and group challenges to engage students and increase repetition of key movement patterns.

“A Game” leaders act as play facilitators, they will design stimulating environments to intrinsically motivate children to be active and explore their physical abilities. Our facilitators will not only focus on physical development, they will provide programming that helps development the four main areas: cognitive, emotional, social, and physical.

While school-aged children are ready to engage in structured sports programs they will also benefit from the opportunity to explore and challenge themselves and their Fundamental movement skills (FMS) in various settings.

The chart below demonstrates why it is important for children to be exposed to these Fundamental movement skills, children who master these skills now will be able to confidently participate in a broad range of sport activities throughout their lives.

Source: Canadian Sport For Life,





Tiffany Liao