AEROkids – Move It, Learn It!  is a fun, energetic program mixing the skills of basic gymnastics, ball and game skills with the fast pace of aerobics and dance fitness. 

Focuses of the lessons include balance, flight, rotation, static shapes, locomotion and many more with programs developed by 2009 World Aerobics Champion Kylie Thomas. 

AEROkids has been providing enjoyable, stimulating and expressive lessons for over 5 years to kindergarten, primary and secondary aged students in both Hong Kong and Australia. 

This program is tailored to all ability and age levels, learning and refining skills in dance, locomotion, fine and gross motor skills, basic gymnastic skills and sensory skills. 

AEROkids Movement Courses assists students to further develop their knowledge, understanding and skills in relation to movement by exploring simple rule systems and safe use of equipment in a variety of physical activities and games. Through involvement in AEROkids students will investigate the body’s response to different types of physical activities. As well, they develop personal and social skills such as cooperation, decision making, problem-solving and persistence.

Our Movement Courses also build on previous learning in movement to help students develop greater proficiency across the range of fundamental movement skills. It provides further opportunities for students to learn how to combine movements to create more complicated movement patterns and sequences. Through participation in a variety of gymnastics movement experiences, the students further develop their knowledge about movement and how the body moves. They do this as they explore the exciting and challenging features that meet their needs, interests and learn about the benefits of regular physical activity.

AEROkids – Move it. Learn it! - Join us in these sessions to make fitness fun!