After School Care Program (UP)


After School Care Program (Upper Primary)

HKIS After School Care (ASC) is available free of charge for Upper Primary students who are registered in a 4pm activity that day, but are unable to ride the bus home and return to Repulse Bay by 4pm.

The ASC schedule will be aligned with your child’s 4pm activity, they will only attend ASC, if the activity is scheduled that day. Students registered in After School Care will be alerted to this by the classroom Teacher or Teaching Assistant, in the same way they are directed to a 3pm Activity.

At the end of the school day, those registered check in with the After School Care (ASC) staff at the UPS Dining Hall, on the 4th floor. Once attendance is taken students can choose to visit the library or go to the Upper Primary playground for supervised play. Adult supervision is provided in both areas.

At 3:55pm, students will be directed to their 4pm activity.

Please note that students must be registered in order to attend. 


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