Stormy Chefs 2019-2020

To many of our "City Kids", cooking is a foreign concept. Our experienced Head Chef will excite and enlighten the children to this very basic survival skill.  While enjoying the practical side of Cooking; children will be exposed to Nutrition, Hygiene, and Etiquette.  You will be impressed by all the yummies your child brings home.

This is our theme is -


Most kids love to color, but they don't nearly get enough color in their meals!

Color is one of the best cues of nutritional density.  Eating a rainbow of foods, especially fruits and veggies, is a great way to ensure one in getting the vitamins and minerals needed for a healthy lifestyle.  For this school year, Stormy Chefs will be especially designing delectable recipes and focusing on this rainbow concept to provide children with a wide variety of nutritious food options.  From vibrantly colorful snacks to scrumptiously delicious rainbow meals, we will certainly help your child eat right with COLORS!

Level 1 (Monday class) - This course is designed for all beginner Chefs. Every lesson students will take on a new recipe that will improve their basic cooking skills.

Level 2 (Thursday class) - This course is for the more experienced students.  Our head chef will be challenging  students by introducing them to a wider variety of different cooking techniques while taking on more difficult recipes.



Elsie Wong

Phone: 3480-4199 / 9178-7376