CrossGym 101

CrossGym 101


CrossGym 101 is a movement program for children from grade 3 to grade 5. It introduces basic elements of Junior parkour, fundamental tumbling, mini trampolining in a a safe and active learning environment that will improve fitness, coordination, balance, spatial awareness, body control and the participants range of motion. 

CrossGym , like many other sport training activities, will help make bones stronger and will help develop the body core. This activity requires a lot of upper body and lower body movements like jumping, rolling, vaulting, climbing and much more. Strengthening the core is the center of your entire body and is responsible for helping you bend, twist and transfer power and strength across your body. Developing a strong core through CrossGym exercises also helps to prevent sports injuries, as the participants learn to control falls and develop locomotive skills as they navigate obstacles and challenge courses.

We create an environment that is safe, fun, and challenging for your child. In our progressive classes, your child will improve their balance, coordination, and body awareness, as well as their concentration, perseverance and determination both in and outside the gym. CrossGym classes make movement fun and will improve performance in a number of sports situations!






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