DEBATE with Perry Ge, Hong Kong National Team Manager & Co-Coach

Junior debating is growing rapidly in Hong Kong, and this new club will give HKIS students an exciting opportunity to grow as debaters, have fun, and engage with some of the best young minds across Hong Kong. Hong Kong's debate scene is strong (our national team is ranked #6 in the world), and through debate you will be exposed to the kind of critical thinking and global awareness that is so essential for success in today’s world. 

In this club, we will be working on two sets of goals through the year: 

a) developing core debate skills - critical thinking, awareness of global issues, argument development, speaking style & confidence, and debating strategy

b) preparing for competitions - motion prep, research, team strategy, tournament mindsets

We will also do our best to give everyone an opportunity to compete and, for the best students, represent HKIS in more competitive debates and apply the skills they have learned against other schools. 

Participants: Grades 6-8

Thursdays 3:15-4:45 (Starting October 10th)


Perry Ge has been coaching debate for over 13 years. He coaches a number of schools and private groups, as well as the Hong Kong National Team (currently ranked #6 in the world) and the Hong Kong Debate Team Development Squad. He also helps run tournaments in Hong Kong. Recently, he had an HKIS student for the first time ever who has since graduated and gone to Harvard. In his youth, he was also captain of the Hong Kong National Team. 




Perry Ge
Phone: 5266-4843