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S.T.E.M. Programs by The Genius Workshop

The Genius Workshop (TGW) is a learning institution with over 14 years of history in Hong Kong. Our workshop offers S.T.E.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) programs that are not taught in traditional academic settings. With a wide range of programs that help stimulate students’ creative intelligence and thinking abilities, the core objective of TGW is to deliver a learning process that uses the latest technologies to empower students to learn through play. We aim to nurture the development of students by teaching essential life skills that will help them build an appetite for life-long learning and discoveries.


( R1 & R2)
- Term 1 & 2: Mechanic Workshop A & B -

Starting as a toddler, young children come across uncountable machines in life without understanding how they work.  The conveyor belt at the airport, the turnstile in front of supermarkets, the elevator that takes them up and down… all these moveable objects might seem like magic to them.  In this workshop, children will not only see how things work, they will also get to build and make these machines move!

 (G.1 - 2)
- Engineering Workshop -
Term 1: Wheels and Axles & Screws           Term 2: Pulleys & Inclined Planes

In this workshop, children will acquire and apply various engineering concepts in their LEGO® creations. Utilizing the abundant resources available at our workshop, they will be able to build and modify inspiring projects that serve creative and meaningful purposes. Don’t underestimate the potential in children; sometimes even our instructors are fascinated by children’s creations! Specific simple machines for each term listed above will be extensively discussed and studied.

(G.3 - 4)
- Term 1: Advanced Engineering Workshop -

In this workshop, students will apply and modify from a wide range of LEGO® models that closely resemble massive machines in real life. They will construct their LEGO® masterpiece that incorporates various complicated engineering concepts, and exchange creative ideas with each other on modifications to make their initial projects even more advanced. With their creative minds and improved skills, students will face off the different challenges that our instructors assign to become a true Lego master!

- Term 2: Robotics Division: Structure & Construction -

Robotic structure is the foundation of all machines. In this program, students will explore the world of robotics by constructing their own robots using different structural elements of Lego.  They will also have the opportunity to program their robots to accomplish different tasks and missions.


- Term 1: Advanced Robotics Division -

Students will be working in groups to design a single robot along with multiple extensions to complete a series of different missions on a mission map throughout the entire program. Through testing and experimentation, students will be given the opportunity to modify and refine the robots’ structure and program to accomplish as many missions as possible.

- Term 2: Architecture Unit –

This program will allow students to learn about architectural knowledge, as well as some of the famous buildings found in Hong Kong and around the world.  Students will be introduced to the planning process by how buildings are first designed and then built.  Using the knowledge to be taught in this program, students will also design their unique memorable structures with LEGO®.



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