The development of these important fundamental movements is a key component of the HKIS Long Term Athlete Development model, and will help participants become physically literate. GymDanny believes that the acquisition of gymnastics based physical literacy will provide a life long benefit for all participants.

Whether you are a beginner, or returning student, GYMDanny's FUN GYM, REC JUNIOR, SPORTS JUNIOR and PLUS programs provide suitable physical training for all ages. Please explore our current schedules for details and class schedules. We look forward to working with your child soon!

Our main objective throughout the GYMDanny program is to provide children an opportunity to learn the FUNdamentals and improve their physical FITness! These components are incorporated in all of our lesson plans, enabling students to develop physical literacy skills that are required for future success in any sport. These include: strength, balance, coordination, flexibility, reaction, visualization and body awareness. The participants will learn to move safely, rotate safely and jump and land safely.

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Fun Gym (R1 & R2)


By using basic gymnastics skills on various gymnastics apparatus, the class will introduce basic locomotive skills, fundamental gymnastics moves, and fun games to the students. It is designed to strengthen the muscles, improve body coordination, work on balance, and develop flexibility while also teaching the child to follow instructions.

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Rec Junior - Grade 1 - 2

GymDanny incorporates basic gymnastics skills, rhythmic movement patterns and elements of gym-fitness to help your child understand and improve their bodies' capabilities. The emphasis is to build independent learners that have the resilience and determination to continue to challenge themselves safely. Classes will have your child running, tumbling, vaulting, rolling, twisting and building physical fitness in a safe and fun learning environment.

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Sports Junior - Grade 3 - 5

Students are able to explore and continue to develop their physical literacy through the sports junior program. Physical fitness and body preparation are a key component of the class, introducing visualization skills and teaching students the benefits of sequential skill development as they work towards mastering more complex movement patterns. The emphasis shifts from gross motor motion to a more systematic fundamental gymnastics movement. A great class to physically and mentally prepare students for life-long participation in sport. Still fun? ABSOLUTELY!

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Sports Plus - Grade 6 - 12

SPORTS PLUS (Grade 6 -12)

Students learn how to "fly" in the sky with basic tumbling skills and additional movements on basic apparatus. Our instructors introduce more complex movement patterns to challenge students, while teaching them how to manage risk safely. These skills are introduced through work on the mat, bars and various obstacle course designs that require physical literacy, fitness and tactical awareness.

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Gymnastics tumbling & trampoline


This class is a combined course of intermediate tumbling training with trampoline training as teaching aid. Students will learn spacial awareness, progressive tumbling skills, strength and coordination, as well as flipping and twisting safely. It can help improve for your favorite sports, dance, and performance whether you compete or just do it for fun.

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