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HKIS Aquatics Academy - Learn to Swim (RB)

Aquatics for R1

This part of the program is based on three Preschool (PS) Aquatics Levels, designed for children approximately 4 and 5 years of age. It aims to facilitate developmentally appropriate learning of fundamental water safety and aquatics skills. The aquatics environment raises many new possibilities for young children’s learning. Students will explore this world of water and develop concepts about how it works, before they can begin to master their aquatics skills. Playful experiences and water games help develop water confidence and aquatics skills in a safe and joyful way.

Level PS1 introduces basic aquatics skills, many of which are performed with assistance.
Level PS2 further develops basic aquatics skills and marks the beginning of independent aquatic locomotor skills.
Level PS3 increases students’ proficiency in performing previously learned skills. The skills in Level 3 are performed independently.

Aquatics for R2 to Grade 5

The objectives of this part of the program are to teach children age 5 or older, and young teens, to be safe in, on and around the water and to swim well. Aquatics and personal safety skills are taught in logical progression throughout six levels.
Participants in Level 1 are oriented to the aquatic environment and gain some basic skills in each category. As they progress through levels, participants build on their basic skills to learn and refine various propulsive movements on the front and back. On successful completion of Level 3, participants have achieved basic water competency in a pool environment. By the end of Level 6, participants have developed the necessary skills and fitness levels for entrance into advanced courses such as competitive swimming, or other aquatic activities such as water polo, junior lifeguarding or synchronized swimming.

The information explaining American Red Cross Levels can be found on the HKIS Aquatics main page.


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