Swimming - Rays Squad

Swimming - Rays Squad

Pathway: Development

Grade Range: Grades 3-8   

Training Venue: HKIS, Repulse Bay

Lead Coach: Ethan Lam     Assistant Coach: N/A

Aim: The aim of the Rays squad is to introduce young swimmers to competitive swimming whilst promoting good sportsmanship, encourage competition and develop good stroke technique in a fun environment.

Squad Criteria:

  • 100m of good technique Freestyle, 50m of good technique Backstroke. 50m of good technique of Breaststroke and 25m Butterfly. All of this will be at the coaches discretion.
  • Attempt Flip Turns on Freestyle and Backstroke.
  • Streamline and attempt dolphin kicks off of each push off.
  • Basic understanding on how to use a clock and swimming in a group.
  • 8 x 50 Stroke Efficiency Test Set
  • Regularly attend Stingrays Time Trials
  • Commit to the required amount of training sessions.

Minimum Training Commitment: All swimmers should attend a minimum of 2 session per week, but ideally this should be 3 sessions per week to fully take advantage of the skills and drills being taught in the squad.

Competitions: All swimmers in Rays squad are encouraged to enter competitions as part of their long term athlete development and ensure swimmers are motivated to improve whilst having fun.

Target Competitions: 

  • Cycle 1 Sep-Dec: RBSC Bangkok Invitational November 2019 
  • Cycle 2 Jan-Jun: Stingrays Invitational May 2020

Other Competitions: Time trials, Stingrays Invitational

Equipment: Swimsuit/Jammers, team cap, goggles, water bottle.

RAYS REPULSE BAY CAMPUS Monday  Tuesday  Wednesday  Thursday  Friday  Saturday
 SESSIONS LAND           **0850-0900**  TAI TAM CAMPUS
POOL   1700-1800   1700-1800   **0900-1000**  TAI TAM CAMPUS
Head Coach: David Pool
Phone: +852 6016 3477

Head Age Group Coach: Francesca Murphy
Mobile: +852 9176 6142
Office: 3149-7171