Swimming - Junior Lifeguarding

HKIS Aquatics Academy - Junior Lifeguarding (RB)

American Red Cross (ARC) Junior Lifeguarding Program is designed to bridge the gap between Learn to Swim (LTS) and Lifeguarding, by building a foundation of knowledge, attitudes and skills for future lifeguards.

Jr Lifeguarding is a defined course with a set lesson plan that includes, developing swimming skills and endurance, victim recognition, practicing in-water rescues, introduction to first aid, CPR and AED knowledge and skills.

Before entering the Jr Lifeguarding course Grade 5 and 6 students must have completed ARC LTS Level 4 or above.

Jr Lifeguarding will introduce participants to: 

  • The skills needed for entry to the ARC Lifeguarding course.  
  • Communication, teamwork and decision-making skills.  
  • The basic responsibilities of a lifeguard.  
  • The basic knowledge and skills required to participate in the ARC Lifeguarding  course. 

Participants are not required to master or perfectly execute skills. They should learn techniques and build stamina during this program. The Jr Lifeguarding course does not certify participants in first aid, CPR or AED or as a lifeguard.


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