OTR Tennis Asia Ltd . is one of the leading coaching teams in Hong Kong, and has been implementing successful programs here in Hong Kong since 2005. Each OTR professional is internationally qualified, and they have all competed - either for their country, or at the highest level within their country.

Our programs are both flexible and dynamic, and always progressive. We take pride in tailoring classes that cater to all levels of players, as well as all ages. We have adopted the MLC Hot Shots Program for 10/U players (Tennis Australia model), which is broken down into 3 stages: red, orange and green. These stages help juniors make the necessary adjustments, thus allowing a smooth transition from mini-court to full-size court.

We offer both group lessons as well as private lessons. These lessons will take place on mini-courts as well as full-sized courts. We will also run both mini and full-sized court matches, inter-school competitions as well as internal tournaments.

As Tennis providers for HKIS we are involved in programs from Lower Primary all the way through to High School.

Lower Primary - Classes will be held at the Tai Tam courts on weekends. Students can also access the program each afternoon at the courts on Wong Nai Chung gap Road, please contact us to arrange. We use mini tennis courts with low compression balls. Our aim is to improve hand co-ordination, balance, basic tennis skills, working in a group and having lots of fun. Classes run for 45min.

Upper Primary- Classes are held on the Middle School courts at Tai Tam after school and as part of our Saturday program in Tai Tam. We use mini tennis courts with low compression balls. Our aim is to introduce basic tennis skills in the form of technique, footwork and scoring. Progressing them to a full size court. Classes run for 45min.

Middle School- Classes are held at the High School. This is a new program available to all middle school kids. Focus is on getting more competitive matches in the form of inter school challenges and competing in ISSFHK League. Boys and Girls teams will consist of 12 kids per team. Classes run for 1.5hrs on Thursdays for Girls and Fridays for boys.

High School Tennis - Classes are held at the High School. HKIS High School Team is very competitive in both boys and girls. The team currently hosts top ranked juniors in HK. The team travels internationally twice a year competing against other schools in the Asia region. Locally the team also competes in 2 separate competitions throughout the tennis season. Classes run for 1.5 hrs Mon Tues Wed.

Please visit the OTR website to access the online registration system.


Head Coach - Adrian Montesinos

Telephone: 97569843

For all administration issues contact - Adora Foster Telephone: +852 63361167