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Term 2 Registration
Upper Primary School - 7th January, 12 noon

Are you interested in learning a new, fun, dynamic and social game?! 

Water Polo is an exciting mixture of basketball, rugby and swimming, for Upper Primary and Grade 6 girls and boys who have completed American Red Cross, Learn to Swim Level 4 or above.

The Water polo program aims to: 

  • Provide a safe and age appropriate introduction to the Olympic sport of water polo 
  • Introduce water polo skills, movements, ball handling, decision making skills and tactics 
  • Deliver a non-contact, modified version of the game designed to create enjoyment and fundamental skill development.

The Introductory Water Polo program is a modified game, ideal for introducing the sport to primary aged children. Around the world this program takes various forms - Splashball (USA), Mini Polo (UK) or Flippa Ball (AUS/NZ).Click the links for more information.

If you would like to learn more about Water Polo, the Olympic sport, please click here 

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