Transport - (Pickup/Dropoff)

3pm Activities Dismissal (Pickup)

What are my 4:00pm dismissal options?

Bus - Your child is eligible to ride the 4pm bus as stated on your child's bus tag. For more information, please visit the bus options page.

Walk - Grade 1 and 2 students should be physically checked out by an adult and cannot walk unaccompanied.
           Grade 3 to 5 students can depart campus unaccompanied by written consent from the parents to the provider. 

Private Car - We do not encourage private pick up due to the lack of parking.

How do I request a change for my Child’s 4pm dismissal?
While bus to bus changes are not permitted, parents are able to request a change from a bus rider to a private pick up, either long term or on a one off basis:

Private Pick Up Procedures
The 4pm private pickup point is located at the coffee cart on the Lower Primary 1st floor, adjacent to the Chapel.
Grade 1 and 2 students  - should be physically checked out by an adult.  
Grade 3 to 5 students  -  will be released at the same location, without requiring physical check out. However, they should wait at this point for an adult to collect them. Unless you have informed the activity provider in writing that your child can depart campus unaccompanied.

Students with a 3pm and 4pm Activity
It is important that you advise your 3pm Activity leader of any 4pm activities as part of your dismissal details. Your 3pm provider will dismiss the child into the care of After School Care staff,  who will supervise the transition to their 4pm class.


4pm+ Activities (Drop Off/Pick-up)

4pm Drop off Procedures 
If you arrive by car or taxi please turn right towards the Upper Primary bridge to disembark. All children should enter through the main stairs and proceed past the Activities Office to the community stairwell, closest to the UPS bridge.

Drop off and pick up @ 5pm or on Weekends?
All 5pm drop off and pick up by car should take place in the Lower Primary Bus Bay on a rolling basis to reduce congestion on the road. 

Please note that there's no parking available in the bus bay or on campus. 

Please note that parents wishing to enter the campus will need to use their HKIS ID card or sign in with photo ID with security on the ground floor.

Parents or guardians may escort their child to the activity. If you are waiting on campus, please be respectful of the facilities and supervise children at all times, when they are not in an activity. 

If you have any questions regarding the system, please contact us on 2812 - 5620.