Activities Brochure

Activities Brochure

Parents who are interested in enrolling their children in the Extra-Curricular Activities Program can view the various options on offer at HKIS. The chart can be filtered by different categories and includes all paid programs at HKIS.

Navigating the Activities Brochure

Programs: To view only the Extra Curricular Activities Programs on offer, you must filter by selecting the 'ECA' tag. If you would like to view a combination you can select more than one program.
Activity Type: This filter allows you to view programs we offer under each of the 8 categories.
Activity: This filter allows you to view by activity name, for e.g soccer, swimming, chess.
Grade: Allows you to view only those programs that relate to your child's current grade level.
Division: This options allows you to view the ECAs on offer for students in Lower Primary, Upper Primary, Middle School & High School.
Start Time: This filter allows you to view programs offered by start time. 
Day: This filter allows you to view activities that take place on a specific day of the week. 
Location: This filter allows you to view activities offered at either the Repulse Bay or the Tai Tam campus. 

More than one section criteria can be selected in each filter to tailor your search to suit your specific criteria.



HKIS Activities Office:

Flossie Tsang

Terry Sibanda

Stella Hui