Holiday Camps

Activities & Sports Camps

This page shows all the camps that will be on offer during the school year. Some might change slightly depending on sign ups. All camps are run either by our approved external providers or are internal school camps available to HKIS students only. Each holiday during the school year we will have a number of camps on during the breaks.

Activities & Sports Camps offer the opportunity for your child to indulge his or her love of sports/activities while enjoying the company of other kids and possibly even spending a very healthy amount of time outside their homes. Some camps focus on a particular sport such as basketball camps, volleyball camps, gymnastics camp and many other. Many of these are offered year round, including the upcoming Christmas and CNY holidays. It is also a great opportunities for your child to try and explore new activity from their regular sport/activity in the season.

Sports camps will focus on developing skills and give your child close instruction in certain techniques and tricks to improve their performance in a variety of athletic activities. The advantage to the formal environment provided at most sports camps is that children not only improve their play in a disciplined manner, they can also learn how to interact more positively with others (how to be "better sports") and fully explore the importance of basics, practice, training, etc.

Click on the tabs below to check the schedule and get information on the camps that are on. For each camp you will need to sign up directly with the Provider using the online link or form.

Schedules & Registration