Tier 2

Championship and Community League Squads

The Tier 2 Academy squad also play as the Tai Tam Tigers and the Boys squads are expected to train 2 times per week with matches on Saturday mornings. However, the match day commitments are less than with the Tier 1 teams and are approximately once every 3-4 weeks. The Girls Squads are only required to train once per week with 5 to 6 weekend tournaments over the season. Players showing the right attributes in training and games may be asked to move up to Tier 1 permanently or for certain games or tournaments during the season if they wish.

Our Tier 2 Championship Squads run at U8, U9 and U10 Boys and U8 and U10 Girls. Within the Tier 2 squads, there are opportunities in the HKJFL Championship leagues, the HKJFL Community League, the HKJFL and HKFA Girls Development Tournaments and some friendly matches.

U8 Boys Squads - Please Click HERE for more information on the U8 Squads

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