Affiliations / Eligibility / Registration

Affiliations / Eligibility / Registration

The HKIS Soccer Academy is a member of the Hong Kong Junior Football League (HKJFL), and through it’s connection to HKIS, with the ISSFHK, HKSSF and HK Primary School Sports Association. These associations provide opportunities for our student athletes to compete against other Hong Kong based clubs and school teams.

Age Eligibility

Please note while some of the school-based competitions run by the ISSFHK and HK Primary School Sports Association may have eligibility based on a students’ age at the start of the school year, our programs are run in line with the HKJFL and HKSSF eligibility that is determined by year of birth.

Player Registration

Players will need to complete an online registration and details will be sent at the start of each season by email.

League Registration

HKJFL – All players must be registered with the League via the online link provided in the acceptance email. For any competition under the ISSFHK, HKSSF, Primary Schools Sports Associations of other events run by other bodies such as the HKFA, etc, we will advise any additional registration requirements at the time.

HKJFL Registration and Transfer Statement: By Registering with an HKJFL club, you are committing to that club for the whole season. If the Club does not have a specific Registration process, you will be considered to be registered with that club simply by representing them in one HKJFL game. Registering in one age groups means that you are registered to that club and so you cannot then represent another club at a different age group

HKJFL Player ‘Transfer’: A player can only transfer to a different club within the current season with the written consent of the current club. The current club has every right to refuse to grant this permission and there is no right to appeal to the HKJFL