Fees / Parental Consent / Health Information / Medical / Insurance

Fees / Parental Consent / Health Information / Medical / Insurance


The fees for each tier of the program differ and they are regularly reviewed. The program is not for profit and all revenue is invested into the running of the program. The fees for the upcoming season will be posted on the website and advised to you on acceptance into the relevant program following the assessment day.

Parental Consent

Before registering, parents and athletes must have read and agreed to the terms set out within this Handbook. It will be assumed that all parents/guardians not only consent to their child participating in the program, but they are also familiar with all of the requirements and codes associated with the program. Parents should help their child identify conflicts with other curricular and co-curricular activities at this time and encourage them to make appropriate choices.

Health Information

Students will not require a specific physical examination to participate in the program. However, parents MUST make sure that, if their child has any particular medical needs, or their needs change, that they take the time to communicate this directly with the office and team coach. It is your responsibility to make sure your child is aware of the medical information they should share when working in an athletic environment. If a student needs to carry any asthma medication or other medical device, these should be handed to the coach or placed in a suitable area on the side of the training or game facility, to enable easy administration.

Medical Insurance

All academy members should be covered by personal health insurance. The academy does not provide medical coverage for students when accidents occur during program related activities.