If your child wears prescription glasses, please note that you MUST have sports goggles for all practices and matches. Standard prescription glasses can be very dangerous and will not be permitted. For those looking to purchase sports eye wear, it is essential that they meet the following standards / requirements. For schools based competition at U12 level and above, we must obtain league approval for players to wear eye wear and we must confirm that they comply with the following standards

EN166/2001* (Personal eye-protection specifications)

ASTM F803-03 (Standard Specification for eye protectors for selected sports)

Note that with the application, we must include a photo of the eye wear AND the Manufactures Specification sheet. So, if and when you but such sports eye wear, please ensure that you retain all packaging and related specification / warranty details.

The eye wear must have the following features:-

Nose Pad - Interior Padding

Frame - Lateral and Nose impact protection. No open metal parts or sharp edges. Wide field of vision. Made of extremely tough poly carbonate.

Lenses - High viscosity poly carbonate lens with 3mm center in thickness in optical quality with hard coating. You will need to get a letter from your optometrist confirming the lenses are of this type

Strap - Must include a strap that affixes the eye wear securely to the head.