Parking at HKIS

Parking at HKIS

There is limited amount of parking available at the Tai Tam campus and to improve the safety of our students and visitors from vehicular accidents we have identified parking spaces available for parking.  There will be passes distributed at the entrance of the Middle School campus for available parking.  Drivers will be asked to display the pass in their car window while it is parked on the street in the roundabout.  Once all the available parking spaces are full then people will be directed to the High School parking lot. Parking is currently available during the following hours:

Monday through Friday, 8:00 am – 1:30 PM, and after 5:30 PM

Saturday and Sunday is unlimited

These hours and parking space availability may be modified for special events and school outings requiring special bus arrangements. Guards will be informed of these events and instruct drivers accordingly on those days.

The area along the road next to the sports field will be restricted to loading and unloading only.  This will prevent the restriction of the entrance and blinds spots where children are at risk of injury.  Children do run after balls without looking regardless of how many times, we ask them not to, and both the child and the driver need as much unobstructed view as possible to avert accidents.

We appreciate your understanding and compliance with these guidelines as we all strive to make HKIS a safer place for our children.