Player Expectations and Codes of Conduct

Player Expectations and Codes of Conduct

Attendance Expectations

As a member of the Tai Tam Academy you are making a commitment to your teammates and your coach. As such players should aim to attend ALL practices and games.

We understand that at times it is not possible for players to attend all Tiger commitments, however we expect that you will inform either the office by email or phone call by no later than 2pm for week day training, and before 2pm on the Friday for weekend commitments. If situations arise later closer to practice or match time you are expected to call the Head Coach or team coach personally.

The Head Coach will closely monitor the level of attendance. Anything less than an 80% attendance record over a period may be a sign of poor commitment. If a child’s attendance drops below this level, parents will be contacted to help us further understand the issues creating the lack of attendance. 80% attendance equates to 1 excused absence a month.  If for reasons beyond your control you are unable to make this commitment level on any given month you should discuss the situation with the Tigers head coach to make suitable arrangements prior to your planned absences.

Note: Attendance and commitment levels along with skill and attitude will be taken into consideration when selecting teams on Match days within the guidelines of the league as detailed above.

Excused absences (including the reason) must be communicated by email to:-

All non-communicated absences will be considered as an unexcused absence, unless exceptional circumstances are involved. Unexcused absences will be dealt with under the guidelines of the ‘Player Expectations’ listed below.

Behavioral Expectations and Conduct

In addition to the Codes of Conduct below, note the following Player Expectations & Responsibilities. (We would also refer you to the Tigers 10 Commandments on the website).

  • Punctually attend all coaching sessions and matches for which you are selected. If you cannot, you must inform a Coach (persistent non-attendance at training will cause you not to be selected for your team)
  • All players are expected to arrive at matches on time. If you think you will be late for a match, you must contact your coach by phone or SMS otherwise the player will receive an automatic yellow card for failure to give notice. A further yellow will be handed out because of the actual late arrival, meaning 2 yellows cards will be given if you are late AND failed to notify the coach. However, these 2 yellows will not result in an automatic red card. However, if a player then receives a further card that day for another transgression - i.e. incorrect uniform, etc. that will be considered as a red card and a ban will be carried over into the following week.
  • Place bags in the designated area, only water bottles are allowed pitch side
  • Always wear the designated Tigers uniform with appropriate footwear & equipment
  • Wear shin pads during all games and training sessions
  • Check which footwear is appropriate for your scheduled training session and game. Be responsible for your own kit and footwear and look after Club kit. Do not rely on other people to remember them for you. If you are scheduled to train in the gym or on the MS roof you must remember to bring the appropriate footwear.
  • No playing with balls, cones or goals before training or breaks during training. Drink breaks are for hydration and resting purposes only
  • Consistently strive for excellence in practice and games. Positively represent the club on every occasion
  • Learn teamwork, sportsmanship and discipline
  • No forming or encouraging of cliques within the Squad. The Squad working as one will be far more successful
  • Be a team player – get along within the team environment. Never place blame on teammates & understand that you win or lose as a team in training & games
  • Treat everyone fairly, regardless of gender, place of origin, color, sexual orientation, religion, political belief or economic status
  • Abide by the rules of my team, club and associate leagues the club competes in
  • Never argue with an official’s decision. Let the coaching staff handle all matters pertaining to officiating
  • Understand that fighting will not be tolerated and will result in suspension from training and / or league matches at the coaches’ discretion
  • Conduct myself in a befitting manner and refrain from the use of abusive, obscene or profane language or gestures


Conduct towards coaches

  • No disrupting of coaching sessions. Keep quiet and listen whilst the coach is speaking. Do not interrupt but raise your hand before talking or moving around. Keep all footballs still. Time is limited and everyone is there to learn
  • Listen carefully and follow the coaches’ directions
  • Only listen to your Coach on matters of team formations, tactics, etc. Family members, friends, other parents, spectators, etc. may not be aware of the team's strategy for that particular match
  • Respect, and refrain from public criticism of my coaches, teammates, parents, opponent and game officials


Tai Tam Tigers - Player Expectations Responsibilities - Consequences

  • 1st time offense: Verbal warning
  • 2nd time offense: Yellow Card
  • 3rd time offense: Second yellow card = Red
  • Serious offense: Straight Red card


  • If 5 yellow cards are accumulated through-out a season - automatic 1 match and 1 Wednesday training session ban and email notification.
  • If 10 yellow cards are accumulated though-out a season - automatic 3 match and 3 weeks of training ban and meeting with parents.
  • If 2 yellow cards are issued at the same training session resulting in a red - immediate dismissal from the training session, automatic one match and 1 Wednesday training session ban and email notification.
  • If a straight red is issued - immediate dismissal from training, automatic 3 match ban and three weeks of training and meeting with parents.
  • The coach will take in to account all warnings, verbal or otherwise, issued to players and they will be taken into account when selecting teams for matches.
  • The coaches’ decision on any of the above criteria is final

These rules will be implemented at all Tai Tam Tigers events

General Disciplinary Procedures - for other issues not covered above and for breaches of the Codes of Conduct

  • Step 1 - Verbal warning from the coach
  • Step 2 - Official verbal warning from the coach
  • Step 3 - Time out from training or suspension from games
  • Step 4 - Formal written warning from the Middle School Athletic office
  • Step 5 - Removal from program


* Exceptional Circumstances - In the event of gross violation of the players’ code of conduct, the offender may circumvent the above sequence, and face alternative disciplinary action deemed appropriate. The decision to impose such action is at the discretion of the Head Coach.

Player Code of Conduct

Tai Tam Tigers believes in the following code of conduct. This code represents a competitive sport philosophy that will allow us to succeed at the game of soccer. We believe that soccer belongs to its players and should always be to their enjoyment. We believe that all players as well as parents, guests and coaches must adhere to these standards of good sportsmanship.


1.     I recognize that Tigers is a select group of athletes that understand that discipline is required to play soccer at a high level.

2.     I will work very hard, have fun, and will be fair at all times.

3.     I will act in a cooperative manner with my coach, manager, referees and teammates.

4.     I will understand and obey the rules of the games.

5.     I will respect the coaches, officials, parents and all players regardless of race, religion, gender or athletic ability.

6.     I will not engage in unsportsmanlike conduct such as booing, ridiculing, taunting, refusal to shake hands or usage of any profane language or gestures.

7.     I will always do my best.

8.     I will always play by the rules of the tournaments or matches & the laws of the game.

9.     I will always play fairly with good sportsmanship.

10.  I will never intentionally become involved in acts of foul play.

11.  I will work for the good of my team.

12.  I will always participate for my own enjoyment and benefit.

13.  I will accept the decision of game officials and coaches though I may not always agree with the decision. Talking back to coaches or any official is not acceptable.

14.  I will be generous when I win and gracious when I lose.

15.  I will shake hands with and thank the opposition at the end of the game no matter what the outcome.

16.  I will care for and respect the facilities and equipment made available to me during training and competition.

17.  I will not use or promote the use of alcohol, tobacco or drugs at anytime.



1.     To attend the required number of practices/games in-line with the Tigers Attendance Policy.

2.     Keep my skill level at the level of my team or strive to improve it to the next level.

3.     Do my homework and other school activities to a very high standard and complete them to avoid interfering with soccer practices and games.

4.     Let my coach know as soon as possible if I will be late or miss my practice or game.

5.     Be disciplined, focused & ready to train on practice days & ready to play on match days.

6.     Always come ready to play with, cleats/boots, shin guards and LOTS of water.

7.     Always bring any necessary medications like inhalers.

Failure to abide by the Tai Tam Tigers Code of Conduct will result in disciplinary action that could include but is not limited to the following:

•           verbal warning by the coach

•           written warning

•           action by the Tai Tam Tigers Head Coach that may include but is not limited to:

•           Player practice suspension with written documentation of the incident

•           Player game suspension with written documentation of the incident

•           Player and Parental Season suspension

** Any suspension or expulsion from Tai Tam Tigers for disciplinary reasons will not result in a refund.


If you have issues with any aspect of the program such as discipline, coaching, team selections, playing time, etc, then it is important that, under no circumstances are these issues to be addressed with the coaches or program administrators at the game / tournament venue on the day or in a confrontational way in front of other parents or players. If you want to meet with the coach to discuss any issues, approach the coach in a respectful way AFTER the game / tournament has finished for that day and request a meeting away from the emotional heat of the immediate situation and at a time when the head coach or other club staff can be present. This is the protocol and we expect everyone to adhere to this as your grievances will be heard and taken seriously. Parents who either do not follow these guidelines or try to circumvent the protocol and who do not show a ‘team first’ mentality, may be asked to refrain from attending the remaining games.