Program Overview

Program Overview

The Academy structure includes the following 3 inter linked tiers. Players will be assessed at the start of each season and will be placed in the tier that the coaches believe will best assist their development. Players will be continually assessed during the season and can move between the tiers depending on their progress.

Appointing Coaches - HKIS employs directly the Head Coach of the program. All other program coaches are employed on a part time basis. We will endeavor to identify and employ the most qualified and experienced coaches possible for the program and Assistant Parent Coaches

Parent Volunteers / Match Day Team Managers - As each age group only has one dedicated coach for training and we often have 2 teams in the Saturday tournaments, we will sometimes utilize the services of volunteer parents to help manage the team on match days. These volunteer parents perform an invaluable support role in the club that allows us to enter these extra teams.  They act under the guidance and direction of the Head Coach and Team Coaches

Academy Squad – The Academy squad play as the Tai Tam Tigers and offers our talented young players the opportunity to train all year and to compete against some of the Territory’s best junior players in the HKJFL (Hong Kong Junior Football League). Academy squad players are expected to train 2 times per week with matches on Saturday mornings.

Development Squad – The Development squad will also play as the Tai Tam Tigers. Development squad players will also train all year and be offered the chance to compete in the HKJFL (Hong Kong Junior Football League). Development squad players are still expected to train 2 times per week but they will have less matches on Saturday mornings.

Training Squad– The training squad will not participate in matches but will focus on the development of fundamental techniques. Those chosen for, or electing to join the training squad, can chose their preferred level of training commitment from once to 3 times per week.