Supervision Prior to Practice / Games

Supervision Prior to Practice / Games

Please note that for Wednesday 4.45pm Practice at Tai Tam, no students in the program are allowed to be on the Tai Tam Campus without supervision after 3.15pm on a weekday while awaiting practice to start. 

The After School Care program at the UPS is specifically for UPS students enrolled in 4pm activities at the Repulse Bay Campus and so is not an option for the Tigers players. We strongly suggest that students should go home on their regular 3pm buses on Wednesdays and then arrange their own transport to Tai Tam in time for the 4:45pm practice. For those of you who live too far for this to be feasible, we would suggest that you try to make arrangements with other Tigers' families who live close by for play dates, etc. There are very limited spaces available on the Repulse Bay to Tai Tam school bus at 3pm, especially on Wednesdays, and so not everyone can be accommodated. We would therefore request that you do not submit a request for a bus change for the 3pm bus to Tai Tam unless you have no other options. We are not running any supervision programs this year at the Tai Tam Campus, and so any students coming to Tai Tam on the 3pm after school bus must be supervised on this campus from the time they arrive until practice starts.

A supervised after school care program for Middle School students is being considered by MS Administration but this has yet to be confirmed and so, until further notice, MS students are also not permitted to remain at the Tai Tam Campus unsupervised.

Should training could be canceled during this period between the end of school and the start of training, Students within the proposed After School Care Program will be supervised until Parents can collect them. For Students enrolled in other ECA’s, ASA’s or under supervision in any campus for other reasons, parents must be able to contact their child as it is not the responsibility of Tai Tam Academy staff to track down students not under their direct supervision.

If Training is canceled during school time, we will endeavor to get messages to the children via announcements by their class teachers, emails to parents and to the players’ own HKIS email accounts to advise them directly of the cancelation. It will be your responsibility to arrange to collect your child as Tai Tam Academy will not provide supervision for children should training be canceled prior to the scheduled start time.

Training does not start until 4:45pm and all Tigers MUST remain OFF THE PITCH until this time so as not to interfere with other practices taking place on the field.

Encroaching onto the field prior to practice

Please note that the field is only available to the Tigers for practice at 4:45pm and no earlier. Prior to our practice, the field is used by the Varsity and Junior Varsity teams for their practice and so it is essential that the Tigers do not start encroaching on to the field prior to practice as not only does this disrupt the other training sessions, it also poses a safety risk. This is especially important during the first 1/4 of the season when the Varsity Baseball Team is training prior to the Tigers practice. The baseball team will often be running batting, fielding or catching practice prior to our training sessions and baseballs will be flying around the field. This can pose a serious danger to the Tigers players at the side of the field and so everyone must take particular care at these times. We would advise that players stay away from the field until just before 4:45pm to avoid these risks and players arriving early to the field do so at their own risk.