Transportation / Conflicts / Photo & Video Policy / Awards

Transportation / Conflicts / Photo & Video Policy / Awards

Off-site Transportation and Communication

It is rare that we will arrange transportation to any games, but, on the rare occasion where this might be provided, we will communicate information and times to you in advance. These may vary depending on which school or HKIS division the student attends.

Early Dismissal Procedures

It is rare that you will need to take any time off school to participate in this program but, on the rare occasion where this might be needed, we will communicate early dismissal procedures to you in advance. These may vary depending on which school or HKIS division the student attends.

Scheduling Conflicts

All care is taken to develop a calendar that minimizes major conflicts between events. However, parents and student athletes are required to review the relevant curricular and co-curricular schedules before committing to any program and to discuss potential conflicts in advance with the Head Coach / program Coordinator prior to committing to the team.

When there is a conflict between schedules, curricular events/rehearsals and performances, take precedence over co-curricular athletics and activities. Coaches may not penalize students for meeting these requirements nor may they place pressure on a student to miss a curricular event/rehearsal/performance.

Conflict – Curricular with Co-curricular - When a curricular requirement conflicts with a co-curricular requirement, the curricular requirement takes precedence.

Conflict – Co-Curricular with Co-Curricular - When a student faces the dilemma of two conflicting co-curricular events, the student must inform the coach as soon as they are aware of the conflict, decide between them and inform the coach of his/her decision. As a general rule, games or meets take priority over practices. The student should not be disciplined for his/her decision.

Dropping Out of, or Being Expelled from, a Co-Curricular Activity - A student who quits without informing the coach, or who is dropped from a team for disciplinary reasons, cannot participate in another team until the original program season is complete, unless approved by the Program Director.

Sports Awards

The Tigers will hold an annual Awards evening and will recognize individual player achievements in addition to recognizing the entire squad. Photos and videos are necessary for the presentation. We rely on parents and students to provide these images.

Photo/Video Regulations

General HKIS Policy “We are fortunate that Hong Kong International School is a sought after educational establishment. As such, we often like to tell people about the success of our programs and students.

This means we may, from time to time, take photographs and/or video of our activities to publish in various forms of media to promote the positive aspects of our curriculum. We want you to be aware that your young scholars may be photographed or filmed at some point in school activities as part of our promotional and/or informational efforts. Please contact our office if you have any questions or concerns.”

The Tai Tam Tigers will take all reasonable steps to promote the safe use of photography and filming at all games and tournaments. It reserves the right at all times to prohibit the use of photography, film or video at any event or activity with which it is associated. Refusal to cease may result in the match being abandoned and or the offending person being deemed to have breached the Codes of Conduct.

Anyone wishing to use photographic/film/video equipment during a game must firstly obtain the approval from the Coach of their own club for that year group. It is responsibility of such coaches to monitor the taking of images and ensure that it does put any child at risk. The coach should check with opposition coaches that they have no objections to images being taken.

Photography in changing rooms and associated areas is not allowed.

Use of Images and Information

  • Information published on the websites must never include personal information that could identify a player e.g. home address, e‐mail address, telephone number of a player. All contact  must be directed to the player’s club.
  • Credit for achievements by a player should be restricted to first name’s e.g. Jack was Player of the Year 2017
  • Players must never be portrayed in a demeaning, tasteless or a provocative manner.
  • Players must never be portrayed in a state of partial undress.
  • Images and videos should never be posted for public viewing on sites such as You Tube, Flickir or Picassa. Rather they should only be posted on club (or League) websites where they can be moderated and removed if necessary.
  • Failure to comply will be viewed as a breach of the Tigers Codes of Conduct and could result in instant dismissal of the player from the team.