Hong Kong Wildlife & Ecosystems Program

HKIS Hong Kong Wildlife & Ecosystems Program

An indoor and field-based program for HKIS students held at Tai Tam Campus . 




This summer we are introducing a stand-alone program which will be run at our Tai Tam campus. This program will only be open to students currently in grades 8 to 11 and will be an excellent introduction for students taking Biology in Grade 9 next school year. Due to the nature of the program, the course will consist of a 4 day - week ; 3 classroom days & 1 outdoor excursion day. The total number for hours per week will still be the same as all the other programs running in Repulse Bay. Please read the information below carefully before registering your child for the course.

Please Note: This is a stand-alone program and no refund or make-up class will be provided for any clash it may have with any program you may register for in Summer Discovery Program in Repulse Bay.


Open to students current grade(s): 8 - 11
Ability to walk / hike for 2+ hours
Keen interest in biology and nature

Course Dates:

Session 1 only  - June 19 - July 7, 2023 (14 Days)
Registration Opens - Wed 22 Mar, 2023 (12 noon)
Application Deadline - Wed May 10 2023


Hong Kong's Wildlife and Ecosystems is an introductory course that explores the great diversity of ecosystems and wildlife that our city possesses, emphasizing the particular interactions that occur under the unique characteristics of our territory. The course will give students a general background in identifying animals and plants and the specific adaptations these organisms have evolved to survive a changeable urban environment. Students will also be introduced to various terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems within Hong Kong's territory and the importance of their conservation and preservation. This course is designed to be learned in situ, meaning that it has a significant fieldwork part where the students can explore and learn as they observe and interact with the ecosystems.

This course is given by Isaac Cohen, a Biologist and HKIS High School Science teacher who, for the past six years, has conducted significant research studies on urban wildlife in the Greater Bay Area and has contributed to the conservation and preservation of local species and habitats through his projects.


Course Content

The course will cover 3 main topics which will include:

Unit 1 - Introduction to Hong Kong's Biodiversity
Unit 2 - Introduction to Hong Kong's Ecosystems
Unit 3 - Conservation Biology


Students will:

  • Demonstrate understanding of the concepts, terminology, and research techniques involved in Biodiversity studies
  • Demonstrate understanding of global and local ecosystem conservation issues
  • Develop and practice appropriate scientific methodology by conducting research and fieldwork
  • Develop strategies to gain success in math and science activities
  • Use proper techniques to work safely and effectively in the classroom, field, and lab
  • Demonstrate proficiency with field sampling and collecting equipment



Assessment in this course will include the following:

  • Reflective reports on laboratory and fieldwork
  • Small group projects involving ecological, zoological, and flora studies
  • Ecosystem studies, including organism surveys and skill assessment of fieldwork

Course Fee:

Session Time Fee Location
1 09:00 - 12:00 $6,510 Tai Tam
1 12:45 - 15:45 $6,510 Tai Tam










HKIS Summer Program Office:

Flossie Tsang

Terry Sibanda

Stella Hui