Schedule and Field Trips

Program Schedule

Weekly Schedule

The program will run a 4-day week cycle consisting of 3 classroom days and 1 field trip day. The classroom days will either be a 3 hour morning or afternoon session whilst the field day trip will be full day  excursion.  Below is an example of what the the program will look like weekly. This schedule is not final and is subject to change by the program leader to suit the needs of the course. 

1 Classroom AM or PM Classroom AM or PM Classroom AM or PM Public Holiday All Day Field Trip 1
2 Classroom AM or PM Classroom AM or PM Classroom AM or PM All Day Field Trip 2 No Class
3 Classroom AM or PM Classroom AM or PM Night Walk Field Trip Classroom AM or PM No Class




Please note that for the classroom sessions students will register for either the AM or PM session. The field trip will combine students from both the AM & PM session for the field trips and night walks. 


Field Trips


Once a week the students will embark on a field day trip to further enhance their experience and learning. There will be 2 day field trips and 1 night walk field trip that will create an immersive experience that will enrich each student's understanding of how ecosystems and wildlife co-relate in their natural environment. These fun trips will be led by Isaac and his team oh highly specialised outdoor trekking and wildlife experts to ensure to students have a memorable and safe experience. More details and parental consent forms will be provided once the course commences.



HKIS Summer Program Office:

Flossie Tsang

Terry Sibanda

Stella Hui