Mandarin Immersion in Hangzhou

Summer Mandarin Immersion in Hangzhou


Due to the current restrictions placed on travel as a result of COVID-19, the Summer Mandarin Immersion in Hangzhou will not be offered this year. The description below will offer you some insight into the structure of the program, and other essential information. We hope to be able to offer this program in Summer 2022. 

Course Description:

Prerequisite: Open to current Grades 4 - 5 students 

Hangzhou was the capital city of Song Dynasty. It is known traditionally for its special silk, tea and refined local taste for food, literature and arts. Due to its rich local culture, picturesque West Lake scenery, high level of living standards and sophisticated lifestyle, the city of Hangzhou was officially named the host city for the World Leisure Expo and the G20 Summit in 2016.  In addition, the West Lake is also recognized as a World Heritage site. 

In order to better meet the needs of our students, we plan to design specific activities for the MNN and MSL students during the trip. We will first land in Nanjing where we shall stay for two days. While there we will visit the Nanjing Municipal Museum, attend traditional etiquette custom class in Chaotian Palace, and visit the  Dr. Sun Yat-Sen's Mausoleum. The highlight of the stay will be to visit the Dragon Gate Ancient Town near Hangzhou, the hometown of the king of Wu, Sun Quan, during the period of the Three Kingdoms in Chinese history. Students will learn about the famous stories of the battle of the Red Cliff, the ancient way of papermaking and printing. Details can be seen from the Tentative Itineraries of both MNN and MSL groups. We will provide an orientation of the trip for the parents and the participants.

The 10-day program hosted by Wahaha Bilingual School Hangzhou, this immersion trip will enhance students’ overall Mandarin proficiency from the activities planned for both in and out of the classroom. During this trip, each HKIS student will be assigned a student from Wahaha Bilingual School as his/her ‘learning buddy’.  The learning buddies will act as school hosts, guides and facilitators to our students by providing them the opportunity to fully immerse into the Chinese culture and improve their conversational Putonghua ability.  In this immersion trip, Mandarin will be the medium of instruction for all school subjects and activities.  

For the accommodation, HKIS students will stay at a nearby 5-Star hotel – The Azure Qiantang, a Luxury Collection Hotel, Hangzhou.

While the aim of the trip is to advance our HKIS students’ overall Mandarin ability, the lesson plans and activities are age-appropriate, student-centered and built around an experiential curriculum. This approach is intended to promote the students’ continued interest in learning the language and the culture. In the morning, students will study at the Wahaha Bilingual School Hangzhou (the local school) and In the afternoon, the students will have some cultural experiences in the city of Hangzhou and the nearby villages. Also, students will hear historical stories and visit those legendary and historical landmarks.

Host School at a Glance: Wahaha Bilingual School Hangzhou is located in Hangzhou City. It is a private institute and has been recognized for its academic excellence. Their medium of instruction is Mandarin Chinese. 


Learner Outcomes:

Students will:

  • Improve their oral proficiency in daily Putonghua practices both in and out of the classroom.
  • Acquire perspectives of the Hangzhou community and its people and culture. 
  • Develop an appreciation of China, its people and influence around the world. 
  • Improve their recognition of Chinese characters. 
  • Gain knowledge of Chinese games, crafts and other sports and recreational activities. 
  • Develop friendships with their learning buddies through interaction, engagement and activities. 
  • Increase their self-confidence in their Putonghua verbal ability. 
  • Learn to be independent through managing their daily lives whilst away from home.
  • Complete a significant amount of oral and written work in Chinese as well as a personal journal to document their learning and reflections.



  • Students will attend daily lessons along with their ‘learning buddies’ in Wahaha Bilingual School.  Mandarin is the learning medium for language, math, sports, music and art classes.
  • Students will participate in various school activities, which will be conducted in Putonghua. 
  • During daily excursions, students will have the opportunity to practice their conversational skills with local people while they shop, greet and ask questions or directions. 
  • Two or three students will share a hotel room and learn to be responsible for their personal care and belongings. Most importantly, they will learn how to care for their HKIS room buddies. 



Each day, students will write journals to brainstorm on their learning and write reflections on their daily experiences.



Registration will be conducted by lottery and not on a first come first serve basis. All those that would like to be included in the lottery draw must submit their application to the Activities Office no later than Feb 7.

As there will be two streams (MNN/MSL) we will run two separate lottery procedures. If the MNN stream does not reach a minimum of 8 applicants these students will be asked if they wish to join the lottery process for the MSL trip before the process is undertaken. 

To register, please complete and submit the following forms with a crossed check made payable to "HKIS" and one set of clear copies of applicant's travel documents to Summer Program Office, HKIS, 23 South Bay Close, Repulse Bay.

Registration Form and Procedures

Health Form

Behavioral Contract

Liability and Waiver Form

Please click on the links below to download itinerary for each stream:

Itinerary for MSL

Itinerary for MNN 

Cost is inclusive of student materials, accommodation, meals, domestic travels and airfare. EXCEPT transportation to and from Chek Lap Kok Airport and spending money.


Please refer to the registration form for the refund policy.