DragonTales is our bi-annual alumni magazine that highlights our outstanding alumni around the world, reports recent alumni gatherings and reunions and promotes the happenings and progress at HKIS across the divisions. We strive to keep our alumni connected, engaged and inspired. If you feel you have a story or achievement you would like to share with us please contact the alumni office at alumni@hkis.edu.hk. 

DragonTales is Now Digital!

We created the new HKIS Pages app as a digital library for original school publications like DragonTales. Using this app, you can enjoy the same engaging school-related content with even more dynamic features in one easy-to-find place. The decision to move our growing collection of HKIS publications online and away from print is to make it shareable, sustainable, and easier to access. 

Download HKIS Pages to view DragonTales now!

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