Welcome Booster Club

Welcome to Booster Club!

The HKIS Booster Club, a volunteer run organization since 1994, operates and manages the Dragon Shop.
All profits are reinvested to support Dragon Athletics, extracurricular activities, and spreading the school spirit!





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Upcoming Booster Club Events

September 6-8
Manila Baseball Tournament

September 12-15
IS Bangkok Cross Country Race

September 13

September 19-22
China Cup Season One

September 21
Dragon Shop open Saturday, 10am-1pm

October 11-13
JV Baseball Invitational @  SASPX Rugby Invitational @ SASPD

October 19 
Dragon Shop open Saturday during Pumpkin Fest, 10am-4pm 

October 23-27 
APAC & JPAC Season One     Shanghai Golf Invitational

November 13-17 
APAC Season One Fine Arts        Dance @ HKIS 

November 14-17 
IASIS vs APAC Swim Challenge @  ISKL

November 22-24
AISJ Hockey Tournament 

November  27 - December 1
50th Holiday Basketball Tournament @HKIS                                        Dragon Shop Saturday Hours, 10am-4pm