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The Parent Faculty Organization's (PFO) main focus is community building. To support that goal we host many events and programs throughout the year. The following is what we have going on right now with the PFO! This page is updated often so check back frequently.


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PFO Board Members

Expressions of interest in joining the PFO Board are most welcome. Please email us. The PFO Board Slate for 2019-2020 is as follows:

President – Karena Belin
Senior Vice President – Namrata Dhanuka
Secretary – Constance Wong
Treasurer – Renate Chu
Past Officer – Pattie Gordon
VP Events (Pumpkin Festival) – Anjali Ullal Raghavan
VP Events (World’s Fair) – Vacant
VP Communications – Saba Ahmad
VP Community – Sarah Barnett
VP Membership – Carole Philippe
VP Hospitality – June Wang
LP Divisional Rep – Andrea Fay
UP Divisional Rep – Joanna Phillips
MS Divisional Rep – Bonnie Bajaj
HS Divisional Rep – Jill Nielsen
Chinese Studies Parents Committee – Renee Yip-Tang
Volunteer Coordinator – Shaline Gnanalingam
External Relations Liaison - Julia Johnson
Graphic Design Coordinator - Vacant 

PFO Slideshow