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PFO Gives Back

We recently reviewed our impact over the last decade and share our summary report here. 

We are particularly proud of the many volunteer hours we have helped our parents, faculty and students contribute. These are priceless hours where our community has talked, laughed, worked, become friends and had fun together - the very definition of building community! 

All the funds raised from PFO activities is given back to the school every year.  This comes in the form of divisional allocations, merit scholarships, teacher appreciation events and providing student volunteer opportunities. 

Divisional Allocations


In the last academic year, the PFO was proud to increase the divisional allocations to $60,000 per division. Divisional allocations are requested by teachers and are used to fund experiences for children that support the key SLRs ranging from visiting speakers to creating new experiential events.

Merit Scholarships


Every year, four seniors and four juniors are awarded a scholarship worth $12,500 each in recognition of their contributions to the HKIS community, leadership, and academic achievements.

Teacher Appreciation


The PFO and the entire HKIS community are truly thankful to all of our teachers and staff for their dedication to our children. PFO sponsors various gifts and activities twice a year to show our appreciation for the tremendous efforts put forth everyday.

Supporting Students


Students can earn dollars or points for their class, club or house to support their passions and interests by volunteering their time at the various PFO community events throughout the year.

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