PFO Welcome

Welcome to the PFO!

All HKIS parents, students and faculty are members of the Parent Faculty Organization (PFO).

The PFO’s main purpose is to build a positive community by involving and engaging all parents, students and faculty. In addition, the PFO helps foster communication and an exchange between school and home. All funds raised through its various activities and events go entirely back to the school, as the PFO is a 100% volunteer run organization.




Have A Great Summer

Congratulations to our seniors and all the students, faculty and parents who have persevered this year. A special thank you to all the parents who supported the PFO events. Looking forward to a full year ahead. Have a great summer!


We host many events and programs throughout the year focused on community building. 

Click here to find out what we have going on right now!



We recently published our impact report. Click here to see the impact we have made for our community over the last 10 years and the projects we fund.

All funds are donated 100% back to the school to enrich the learning experience for our students.

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