For many of our city kids, "cooking" is a very foreign concept. Our experienced Head Chef at Stormy Chefs cooking will narrow this gap by teaching our children about this very basic survival skill. Through practical cooking and learning about nutrition, hygiene, and etiquette, children will experience first-hand how food transforms from ingredients to edibles served at our dinner table.

Our goal is not only to teach kids How to Cook, but also educate them on related topics such as Nutrition, Hygiene and Etiquette - all of which are very relevant aspects of our everyday living. We aim to get children truly excited about food and provide them with the cooking fundamentals to become more self-sufficient.

All our recipes are carefully planned with a focus of nutrition, variety and interest. There will be a mix of Western and Asian, savory and sweet and hot and cold dishes. Kitchen safety and hygiene will be emphasized in the beginning of every class. Parents will be impressed with what students bring home after every class!



Elsie Wong

Phone: 3480-4199 / 9178-7376