HoYinPing Chess Course HoYinPing Chess Course is a fun and lively chess course. Students of all ages from beginner to tournament player learn about strategy and tactics. You may see yourself as an aggressive tactical player when on hindsight you may realize that you actually won more games as a positional thinker. Checkmate the King is the main objective. Checkmate begins with gambits in the opening. Unexpected piece sacrifices in the middle-game. Plod through the endgame. Know yourself and know your opponent strengths and weakness, and your chance to win increases.

UP Class is taught by Ms. HO Yin Ping, a FIDE Chess Master and FIDE Chess Instructor. Accredited with FIDE (World Chess Federation). 19 years track record of success. She trained players to become top ranked school chess players and chess champs. Ms HO is also the Chairman and Tournament Director of the Hong Kong Juniors Chess Club, which run 3 junior events annually. Students who wish to participate in those international events may also seek advice from her.

MS Class is taught by Mr. CHAU Sau-ming. He is to conduct this class for the senior students and has been teaching chess at HKIS and Island School for three years. Mr. Chau is a FIDE Chess Instructor and a strong chess player in HK. He was a skeleton member of the HK team for the World Chess Olympiad, and he ranked number one with the highest international rating for some years in HK before he retired from the HK team in 2006. He did on several occasions accompany and serve as a coach to junior players in some international tournaments. Also, he is a founding member of the HK Juniors Chess Club, and has been serving as a committee member since then, helping the Club to promote chess for the juniors in HK.

Note: Grade 1 and Grade 2 students can email Ms. Ho Yin Ping, to inquire about other locations to join HOYinPing Chess Course.



Ms. HO Yin Ping
Phone: +852 9215 2682 or +852 2884 1420