Our Faust drama workshops provide a fun-filled learning environment where those involved not only learn about theatre, but also develop greater self-confidence and an enhanced ability to work with others. Each term, members study a different theatrical topic or skill and parents are sent a schedule outlining workshop content. Topics have included improvisation, choreography, direction, theatre styles, audition skills as well as many other exciting elements of theatre and drama. Please see the forms for an explanation on the full program that is on offer.

Workshops are held on both the Repulse Bay campus and Tai Tam campus after school. Monday for G1 - G2 and Tuesday for G3 - G5. Each workshop finishes with an Open Session open to parents showing all the work the children have done during the term..

For students who are looking for more performance opportunities and Faust groups in our main programme, please visit our website www.faustworld.com

You can also view videos about Faust International Youth Theatre, our history, impact on children, interviews with parents and our members themselves in the weblinks below. One of the children interviewed is HKIS student Alexandra Swanson-Bell!



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