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The Hong Kong Island Stingrays Swim Club offers swim opportunities for beginners to those seeking a competitive swim environment. Swimming is an important life skill for every child to master. Being a confident swimmer not only ensures safety around the water, it is also one of the best ways of maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

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Sharks is a comprehensive Learn-To-Swim program operated by the Hong Kong Island Stingrays Swim Club. Lessons are offered Saturday and Sunday in the Tai Tam indoor pool. The Sharks program is offered for all abilities ranging from complete beginners who need to work on their confidence and comfort in the water, to those swimmers who require stroke refinement and improved stamina.
Each level has its own clear and achievable goals, allowing swimmers to develop at their own pace within a structured environment. Swimmers are evaluated on their skills and stroke development.

Lead Coach:Dean Chan

Sharks Administrator: Tereza Tam


Stingrays is a competitive, parent run organization that focuses on the development of the total swimmer. With a roster of acclaimed international and local coaches, Stingrays offer six training groups, from the beginning level of competitive swimming to an elite training squad that competes at the highest levels of Hong Kong and international age group competitions. The program focuses on the swimmers’ technical and competitive skills while teaching the values of responsibility, hard work, perseverance, time management and sportsmanship.

Stingrays is highly regarded for its legendary team spirit and camaraderie. While the training becomes incrementally more challenging as swimmers progress, the program includes social events throughout the year to ensure the sport is as fun as it is challenging. So whether you're looking to improve your swim times or become a world-class swimmer, Stingrays has a training group that's right for you.

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Head Coach:
Richard Pointon

Dean Chan


Master Swim

Master Competitive - This program provides competitive training to those adult swimmers who already able to handle 50 Free and above. It is focusing on mid-long distance Freestyle in interval basis and refining all four strokes. It develops master swimmers’ stroke and stamina into top local level. On the top of training, swimmers will be introduced the high level racing techniques and ready to participate in the local Master swimming competition, Triathlon and Open Water races.

Lead Coach: Richard Pointon, Luke Wimbush

Adult Stroke Development

This program mainly provides swimming lesson to those adult swimmers who are interested in fitness swimming and wish to refine their stroke work. It will provide basic strokes work in 4 strokes to the participant. The swimmers who have basic techniques in front crawl or breaststroke and even totally beginner are all welcome to join.

Lead Coach: Richard Pointon, Dean Chan

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Wednesday Afterschool

Since academic year 2011-12 the Hong Kong Island Stingrays Swim Club (popularly known as "Stingrays") offering Afterschool Swimming lessons at Repulse Bay Campus for all HKIS Primary students. This year, Stingrays is offering the Wednesday Afterschool swimming at Tai Tam campus first time ever and extend this program to 6th Grade student.

These swimming lessons will be an extension of Stingrays ongoing comprehensive learn to swim program called Stingrays Learn to Swim Sharks, catering for youngsters from ages 3 to 11 and of abilities ranging from complete novice to those who can swim 25 meters comfortably. Group size ranges from 4 swimmers per coach to 8 swimmers per coach depending on group level and the maximum number of Swimmers will be 48 person. Children will be assigned to groups based on ability instead of yrs.

Spring 2018 Stingrays Afterschool Form (Paper registration only)



Stingrays (Competitive)

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Saturday and Sunday Sharks (LTS)

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