Registration Procedures

While registration may be ongoing throughout the year, it is conducted on a first come first serve basis, direct with the company providing the activity “the activity provider”.

The programs held at 3pm are open to HKIS students only and these programs are in high demand, often reaching full capacity in the first week registration is open.

Term 1 registration is open August 1
Term 2 Registration is open December 6

All registration is conducted directly with the activity providers. However, for classes conducted at the end of the school day the activity provider will require 72 hours lead time to input your child’s details into the activities and dismissal system.

To find the classes that suit your child's interests you can browse through the various programs on offer by clicking the links on the right hand side of the page.

Once you identify a class for your child, you will need to register direct with that provider. The registration forms, links or directions for registration will usually be found on the bottom right hand side of each of the activity providers pages.

It is important that you note the campus location, times, grade levels, dismissal procedures and busing options before finalising your registration.

While some activities are available at 4:00pm for Lower Primary students, they are for those who are able to easily return to school. Lower Primary students are not permitted to remain campus and wait for a 4pm activity. If you live further away from HKIS I encourage you to locate an activity near your home, you can contact the companies providing services at HKIS to see if they have a venue near you.

For those in Upper Primary you can learn more about the After school care options for later classes in the right hand toolbar listed with the various activities.

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