LP Activity Schedule

As you click through the daily schedule tabs below, you will find ALL activities that accommodate Lower Primary students at either the Repulse Bay or the Tai Tam campus. For information on transitions and frequently asked questions, please click the FAQ tab on the right.

LP Activity Schedule


3:00pm - Repulse Bay
Basketball 1-22:50 - 3:50pmMondayRBGym
Chinese Kung Fu 1-22:50 - 3:50pmMondayRBDance Studio
Drama 1-22:50 - 3:50pmMondayRBLP 418
Gymnastics 1-22:50 - 3:50pmMondayRBMotor Sensory Rm
HKIS Learn To Swim 1-22:50 - 3:40pmMondayRBLP Swimming Pool
HKIS Learn To SwimR24:15 -4:45pmMondayRBLP Swimming Pool
4:00pm - Repulse Bay
Gymnastics R1-R24:00 - 5:00pmMondayRBMotor Sensory Rm
Available in TT for R1 to Grade 2
Rock Climbing R1-12 4:15 - 5:15pm MondayTTClimbing Wall
Rock Climbing R1-12 5:15 - 6:15pm MondayTTClimbing Wall
Tennis 1-125:00 - 8:00pmMondayTTHS Tennis Court


3:00pm - Repulse Bay
Art 1-22:50 - 3:50pmTuesdayRBLP 420
Dance - Beginner Jazz 1-22:50 - 3:50pmTuesdayRBDance Studio
Gymnastics 1-22:50 - 3:50pmTuesdayRBMotor Sensory Rm
Soccer 1-22:50 - 3:50pmTuesdayRBGym
HKIS Learn To Swim1-22:50 - 3:40pmTuesdayRBLP Swimming Pool
HKIS Learn To SwimR14:15 - 4:45pmTuesdayRBLP Swimming Pool
4:00pm - Repulse Bay
Junior Ballet R1-R24:00 - 5:00pmTuesdayRBDance Studio
Gymnastics 1-54:00 - 5:00pmTuesdayRBMotor Sensory Rm
Available in TT for R1 to Grade 2
Rock Climbing R1-124:15 - 5:15pmTuesdayTTClimbing Wall
Taekwondo 1-124:45 - 5:45pmTuesdayTTMS Fitness Studios
Tennis 1-125:00 - 8:00pmTuesdayTTHS Tennis


3:00pm - Repulse Bay
Basketball Girls 1-22:50 - 3:50pmWednesdayRBGym
Dance - Beginner Hip Hop 1-22:50 - 3:50pmWednesdayRBDance Studio
Gymnastics 1-22:50 - 3:50pmWednesdayRBMotor Sensory Rm
HKIS Learn To Swim 1-22:50 - 3:40pmWednesdayRBLP Swimming Pool
HKIS Learn To SwimR24:15 - 4:45pmWednesdayRBLP Swimming Pool
4:00pm - Repulse Bay
Dance - Beginner Jazz R1-R24:00 - 5:00pmWednesdayRBDance Studio
Gymnastics 1-54:00 - 5:00pmWednesdayRBMotor Sensory Rm
Available in TT for R1 to Grade 2
Rock Climbing R1-124:15 - 5:15pmWednesdayTTClimbing Wall
Tennis 1-125:00 - 8:00pmWednesdayTTHS Tennis


3:00pm - Repulse Bay
Gymnastics 1-22:50 - 3:50pmThursdayRBMotor Sensory Rm
Soccer 1-23:00 - 4:00pmThursdayRBGym
The Genius Workshop 1-22:50 - 3:50pmThursdayRBLP 618
HKIS Learn To Swim 1-22:50 - 3:40pmThursdayRBLP Swimming Pool
4:00pm - Repulse Bay
The Genius Workshop 1-24:00 - 5:00pmThursdayRBLP 618
Gymnastics R1-R24:00- 5:00pmThursdayRBMotor Sensory Rm
The Genius Workshop R1-R24:00 - 5:00pmThursdayRBLP 618
Soccer 2-34:00 - 5:30pmThursdayRBGym
Available in TT for R1 to Grade 2
Rock Climbing R1-124:15 - 5:15pmThursdayTTClimbing Wall
Tennis 1-125:00 - 8:00pmThursdayTTHS Tennis


3:00pm - Repulse Bay
Basketball1-22:50 - 3:50pmFridayRBGym
Dance - Musical Theatre 1-22:50 - 3:50pmFridayRBDance Studio
Gymnastics 1-22:50 - 3:50pmFridayRBMotor Sensory Rm
4:00pm - Repulse Bay
Dance - Creative Dance R1-R24:00 - 5:00pmFridayRBDance Studio
Gymnastics 1-54:00 - 5:00pmFridayRBMotor Sensory Rm
Available in TT for R1 to Grade 2
Tennis 1-125:00 - 8:00pmFridayTTHS Tennis Courts


Grade 1 & 2 students enrolled in the 2:50 - 3:50pm Repulse Bay (RB) based activity

If your child is attending an RB based activity, there is no need to make a bus change, the registered students will be transitioned from their classroom to the Activity in Repulse Bay (RB), where they will be handed into the care of the coaches/instructors. At 3:50pm your child will be escorted to the 4pm bus. Please make sure you have provided the activity provider with your 4pm bus number or preferred dismissal.

Lower Primary students enrolled in a 4:00pm Repulse Bay (RB) based activity or a 4:15pm Tai Tam (TT) based activity
No after school care is available for Lower Primary students. Lower Primary students not transitioned to an activity at the end of their school day will need to depart campus. Parents should arrange transport back to RB campus or to the TT campus.
Please note: if you make a regular change of bus request to attend a TT based activity the child must be met by a parent or guardian.

4:00pm Dismissal in Repulse Bay

When a RB based class is complete at 3:50pm, the coach will escort the students to their 4:00pm bus.

While students can be picked up at 4:00pm I strongly encourage all families to make use of the after school bus service. It will be very congested trying to drive and collect your child. To take up the bus option, please provide your child's 4:00pm bus number to the activity provider.

Change to regular 4:00pm transport
If you would like to request a one-off change to your regular 4:00pm transport routine you must send an email to the activity provider, usually before 12pm. They will inform their coaches of any one off changes and the coaches will act accordingly that day. Any permanent 4:00pm transport changes must be sent in advance to the activity provider. The activity provider will be responsible to update the HKIS database. Please make sure your request has been received and you have confirmation of the change well before the class.

If for any reason your child will attend school, but will not attend their activity, it is important that you inform our office, or they will remain on the activities transition list to go their scheduled activity in RB. If the change is an emergency please call on 2812-5620 or 2812-5621 and we will work direct with the class teacher to make sure the child takes their regular bus home at the end of school.